Creating a new food era by
acting together

Sustainable, local and healthy food and beverages are abundant in Malmö. By bringing together local producers, educational institutions, non-profit actors, businesses and the public sector, we have the opportunity to foster impactful collective action to build a sustainable, delicious and exemplary local food system. Malmö is where it’s at.

FoodMalmö is an entity for creating an improved and sustainable local Food system in Malmö. It’s made possible by funding from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and aims at increasing awareness and access to local and sustainable produced food and beverages for all citizens of Malmö.

In the spring 2018, we gathered local food champions to talk about and sort out the different shortcomings in our food system and see what common issues we could identify. This resulted in the new project Food Malmö which focuses on transparency, co-creation and awareness.


Gather people who want to create a more sustainable food scene in Malmö.

Meeting Space

Create new meeting places to increase knowledge about sustainable food in Malmö.

Market Opportunities

Develop existing players such as Reko-ring, Local Food Nodes and the Farmer’s Market.

Why English?

Due to the fact that Food Malmö collaborates with a number of different actors with different first languages, we have decided that this page’s main information, such as our story and partners, will be in English. The ongoing information, such as events and blog posts will mainly be in Swedish.

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This project is funded by The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.

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